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  • Thank you for the support @Ganblejs and @Gordon.

    1) Having read the README I have a better understanding of how to use modules with the IDE. Apologies, my Bangle tinkering has been on pause most of this year and I am out of practice.

    2) the BW clock issue is reproducable. I have logged #2361 with with steps to reproduce. It does not seem to play well with sunrise_clockinfo.

    3) By BTN1 and BTN3 I mean the soft buttons implemented in the B2. As per "clockupdown". That is a seperate issue I will come back on. It seems the assumption is that clock_info's will be cycled by taps and swipes. I can see why that has to be the case if you want multiple menu's. I will try and implement a simple example based Simplest Clock first and come back on that.

    I think the future could be clock_info's rather than widgets :)


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