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  • As @Ganblejs says - You have clock_info.json there which is just the config file, not the library. It's best just to set up the IDE as he says and you don't need the file copied in then at all.

    I'm getting the following error on the console when I try BTN1 and BTN3.

    You mean you are trying this on Bangle.js 1? What firmware version are you on?

    UPDATE: The Red colour is the highlight color setup in slope clock++ in clockInfoDraw();

    Yes - the idea is this is temporary - just when giving focus to the clock_info. I'd considered just drawing a border around it, it it would interfere with the time's font.

    QUESTION: Does Slope ++ clock have a full screen option ?

    Not at the moment.

    QUESTION: How does one control the font size of the clock info text. Is this controlled by clock info or the clock that provides the menu.

    The clock. If you look at the tutorial I linked before you can see that the clock is responsible for the drawing code:­Info

    PROBLEM 2: Using Bw clock. I could not get Sunrise / Sunset to display.

    Thats odd - maybe you could try with the IDE connected and see if it shows any errors?


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