• I've noticed some apps on the Bangle.js 2 feature a back button widget in the top-left of the touchscreen (e.g. Agenda, Settings), and other apps do not (e.g. Weather).

    From reading a recent commit to the Health app, it seems like supporting the back button widget is the intended way forward (instead of having to install widclose or such). When using the Quick Launcher to access apps from the clock screen with swipes, having the back button is convenient to avoid needing to press the physical button. And this saves on wear to the watch physical button, which I'm a bit concerned about after hearing that others' buttons have become dislodged.

    However, the Weather app already calls for the clock UI, which sounds like it'd conflict with using Bangle.setUI({mode : "custom", back : function() … }) to provide a back button.

    As someone new to Bangle.js/Espruino, what would be the proper way to solve this?