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  • Thanks. So the idea is that the user can install any number of clock info modules and any clock that supports the clock infos will get the new feature added ? Excellent idea. I very much like the concept.

    Had a bit of trouble with it though. I'm on 2.16.7 firmware and the latest apps as per the official app loader.

    PROBLEM 1 - Slope Clock ++
    1) can never get anything to switch display in the bottom left corner.
    2) I can just about get swipes to rotate through the info display in the top right BUT the color keeps switching to red on black which is unreadable. I have set the colour selection of the SlopeClock to only black and white but still it turns red.
    UPDATE: The Red colour is the highlight color setup in slope clock++ in clockInfoDraw();

    3) I can tap the bottom left and the info disappears forever and wont come back.
    4) QUESTION: Does Slope ++ clock have a full screen option ?
    5) QUESTION: How does one control the font size of the clock info text. Is this controlled by clock info or the clock that provides the menu.
    6) I uninstalled pattern launcher in case there was some interference with the swipes
    7) Is it possible to configure clock info so that top / bottom taps can be used to cycle through the menu ?

    PROBLEM 2: Using Bw clock. I could not get Sunrise / Sunset to display. I encountered the watch hanging and had to reboot. After the reboot B/W clock would only show the top half of the clock. The bottom hallf was totally black and no amount of tapping or swiping would change the situation. Eventually I uninstalled the sunrise clock info and BW clock recovered ? Is this something to do with BW clock and sunrise having a Bangle menu.

    BW uses taps to control the cycling through the menu.

    Screenshots attached.

    The tutorial is great but a bare bones example clock based on say simplest clock would be easier to understand.

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