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  • Thanks! Just removed it from the website - I'm not sure why the pricing was off.

    I'm afraid there's no news on the WiFi yet - the original stm32f411 that was used it still out of stock or an extortionate price ($44 each!).

    The global IC supply shortage has lasted a lot longer than I expected, and I've been putting off making new devices until I could actually source parts with a sensible lead time (I wanted to use an nRF52840, but the lead time on modules with those is still over 6 months!). Not to mention I've just been swamped with work recently.

    I've got a board with high power outputs I'm doing using the nRF52832, and after that is out I may well look at the WiFi board again, but I'm afraid realistically that means it's at least 4 months away.


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