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  • It's a tricky one - I guess in theory I could design a higher priced, low-volume watch with a CNC milled case and all those features.

    But I'm not sure there's enough demand at the moment that I would ever make my my money back on it :(

    Maybe that will change, but as you can see from this thread, everyone had different ideas about what they want, and many of them are conflicting.

    For instance Qi charging would make a lot of sense to enable some good water resistance, but then you also want a speaker, which for it to be loud would probably make water resistance very difficult.

  • If the design ticks most of my boxes I'm more than happy to pay in advance without expecting immediate results.

    As far as the speaker goes, a piezo disc conducting sound into the case back has been tried and tested method of getting waterproof watches to make sound for years and imho the use cases for actual sound playback are quite limited in a watch, the sound feature will likely be used for simple notifications most of the time. Two use cases come to mind, TTS for blind/ partially sighted users, and navigation directions. This could perhaps be accomplished using BT earbuds.

    Re Qi charging, I'm sure this is dealt with in phones and other smartwatches or perhaps it's no issue at all but it might be worth checking that the charging EMF or the magnetic core disc don't damage or interfere with the magnetometer.


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