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  • If I was just on Bangle.js 1 right now I'd totally be behind moving to that, but I'm not sure it quite adds enough to Bangle.js 2 to warrant the time and expense of moving to a new watch.

    I guess @yngv126399 's idea was to replace Bangle 1 with it and keep two watches - one smaller/lighter with less buttons/colors and one possibly larger with full color screen which is not always on like Bangle 1. However it probably doesn't really work that way for you since you need to support bangle 1 for existing customers anyway so that makes it 3 watches. I see it still being listed here so maybe after that one is gone completely? Well, unless two watches sold in parallel is simply too much to handle.

    EDIT: Oh, I see now the big bold sentence "Bangle.js 1 is now discontinued"

  • so maybe after that one is gone completely?

    I think keeping support for old models like bangle.js1 is not bad at all for the project neither for users of new models. As it forces to apply better coding practises, help detecting the lack of abstraction between the code and the hardware.
    It would be amazing having the official espruino and most apps working in some of the watches that jeffmer made to work with its espruino fork.

    Yes, the different display sizes are a challenge, but I am sure there is a solution for it :)


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