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  • I got a bangle for one single reason: I wasn't able to find any other standalone watch that could input alarms for dated events with title/message. (Other watches show events from attached device's calendar - so not standalone, or allow to input text for alarms that can only be scheduled on a weekly basis, e.g. the WatchMinder. Doing a program on Android seemed too complicated, and battery life didn't seem that good, so Bangle looked promising.)

    So "sched" is already able to schedule that for us on the Bangle, but it needs the associated UI.
    A few steps in that direction:

    1. In the "New" menu of "Alarms & Timers", add an "Event" entry that will allow to input a date (and a message, if a keyboard is available) using standard menu entries - [Done]
    2. Add the possibility to input a message for the standard Alarm and Timers as well (if a keyboard is available) - useful for e.g. "don't forget to bring back milk when you're done with your 30 minute task" [Done]
    3. Add a "Repeat" parameter for the "Dated Event" (e.g. "20th of each month") [In progress]
    4. Add a setting to sort the alarms /timers/events in "Alarms & Timers" by time of next occurrence.
    5. Display the upcoming events/alarms on the clock when it is active. (with touch events to display more)
    6. Create a touch-enabled "date-picker" (I think I can have the day, month, year, hour, minute all touch-selectable in the same screen)
    7. Implement an automatic backup of the scheduled alarms/timer/events, or at least a watch-triggered backup (not sure yet how that will be done, hopefully it can be HTTPed somewhere, possibly on a local machine with a simple http file-upload service, TBD).
    8. Improve the Dragboard keyboard so that when we detect a change in direction (most likely because we went one or two characters too far away), it slows down when displaying the previous one or two characters, so that we don't go passed the wanted character again.
  • Sounds great. I haven't used the alarm timer for a while but I see it has come a long way already.


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