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  • The Apple watch (or Android or WearOS based watches) are scaled down phone chips, see e.g.­rocessor-Benchmarks-and-Specs.575945.0.h­tml - 1GB RAM, 32GB flash, dual core CPU running at 1.8GHz.

    Bangle 2 is 256KB of RAM, 64MHz CPU, 8MB of flash - that is 4096 times less RAM, 30 times less CPU speed . You basically expect different class of device than Bangle 2 is and are willing to pay premium price for that. There are also people that are not buying Bangle 2 because current price is already too high.

    If someone needs a minimalistic Open Source watch, at the cheapest price, then this is PineTime, with all their limitations.

    Well Pinetime is previous generation (like Bangle 1), I was actually thinking Bangle 2 is current generation of minimalistic Open Source watch.

  • Yes, I know the specs of the watch. No, I do not expect a completely different watch than B.js 2, I need a low-power microcontroller on my wrist, but with additional features.

    About the premium price: I'm willing to reasonably overpay for the things that are needed: Qi, speaker, larger AoD screen, different case, different GPS module.
    And above, I gave examples of premium prices, relatively speaking, this is from $ 300 and more, this is not at all x1.5-1.7 B.js2 price.


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