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  • Maybe? My concern is that I'd have to supply with with a Qi charger then rather than a cheap cable, and suddenly the cost skyrockets.

    Bangle.js only works because it's a sensible price. If I charge Apple Watch money people expect an Apple Watch, and nobody is happy

  • Yes, I understand, but the Qi charger can be sold separately, in general, it’s good if it is possible to charge the future model both by wire and without wire by Qi.

    Let's say there will be 2 models on sale, the old one will be cheaper, and the new one will be more expensive (pro version). On the contrary, I would like a more thoughtful device, even more expensive ( x 1.2, x 1.5, x 1.7 $). With a simple good speaker, good vibro, fast GPS, with case which can be simply disassembled and replaced with parts, no oxidized contacts, and so on. But inside there should be a low-power SoC and more biggest AoD screen.

    If someone needs a minimalistic Open Source watch, at the cheapest price, then this is PineTime, with all their limitations.


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