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  • Hello everybody. Got myself a Bangle.Js 2 and I already love it! šŸ˜
    I am using an iPhone so had to download WebBLE browser.

    Hereā€™s my issue: this above mentioned browser lets me upload stuff to the watch and download GPX files from the ā€œRecordā€ app. The problem is I cannot find the downloaded files: where are they stored? Iā€™ve looked everywhere but nothing. And on WebBLE itself there are no buttons other than ā€œsave pageā€, ā€œrefreshā€ and ā€œrecall saved pagesā€.

    Could anyone please help?

  • Cannot find them anywhere under ā€œFilesā€. I guess they do not really download via WebBLE šŸ˜­
    My old Mac does not support BLE so I cannot use my GPX filesā€¦