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  • Hi - yes, unfortunately the server had an issue so it would have affected everyone - first outage in years, but it's fixed now.

    I was working on something and noticed I really miss the IDE

    The IDE should work offline as it's a PWA app - although obviously the Inline C compiler won't. The thing that really messes it up though is the server accepting the connection but not responding, as then it's stuck waiting for a reply. If it just failed I think the IDE would keep working regardless.

    ... but yes, it's always nice to have the GitHub hosted version so there is a backup :)

  • The IDE should work offline as it's a PWA app

    Oh, thanks, that's even better, was always using browser and going to directly. So now I clicked install in url and have a desktop icon. Then disconnected from wi-fi, started it from the icon and it worked offline! That's good to know.


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