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  • Hi,

    Thanks! I think LoRa might be a bit of a stretch, but as this is a bit of a hackers' watch personally I'd love to go back to a point where we had more buttons and an unscrewable case.

    I can imagine there maybe being some IO pins on the inside, so you could unscrew the case, maybe insert a spacer (or swap to a smaller battery), and then a second PCB with whatever extras you wanted in it.

    how do they get the baro sensors waterproof in regular ABC (alti-baro-compass) watches? Are those some bespoke waterproof sensors, or is there like an elastic membrane barrier?

    It's a good question - I'm not sure. Maybe there are different sensors that are designed to be exposed to water (maybe which have a membrane internally). Even if you could seal them to a hole in the watch, I don't think the normal MEMS ones like getting wet


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