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  • I suspect my view is the antithesis to what people expect of (open source) watches- I like a watch to be completely independent of a phone and be packed with sensors and stand-alone functionality. Phone battery lasts one day tops and sometimes I don't even want to bring it with me. I vote to keep as many sensors as possible, including the baro, which is useful for rudimentary weather forecasting.

    My v2 wishlist would probably include:

    • round display (if doable, resolution and colour depth don't matter much)
    • buttons as well, for gloved operations
    • better GPS (first and foremost for precise timekeeping)
    • a basic beeper for alerts
    • LoRa if doable, imagine connecting to meshtastic with a watch alone
    • how do they get the baro sensors waterproof in regular ABC (alti-baro-compass) watches? Are those some bespoke waterproof sensors, or is there like an elastic membrane barrier?

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