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    Yes, I've seen these 2 apps. I can't use them at the same time as the Run app, and therefore I went for the "Heart rate alarm" app, which kind of partially did the job. I can set a lower and higher limit and it buzzes when limits are reached, and because it's a widget I could use the run app at the same time.
    But it's not convenient at all: I can't setup intervals for, say, 5 minutes fast run, 2 minutes walk, or anything else. Also, I can't stop the "Heart rate alarm" app for a short walk, without stopping the Run app first.

    1. IMO, before having a personnal trainer app, we need a runners coach app. Meaning, before having the watch decide of a set of running sessions (which will be different, like recovery: slow even pace in zone2, many different types of intervals, HIIT sessions, etc...), we need the watch to be able to offer specific kinds of runs and to give feedbacks (faster, slower, recover, half distance, you finished).
      Maybe a fork of the run app with an extra screen we can swipe to could be an option.
      I think a slider showing where in the heart rate zones you are any moment is what I'd love to see. I actually made a basic design of it half a year ago. And a distance gauge could be a great feedback too.
      I use an ECG btw.

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