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    1. I'm all up for the app that suggests a workout plan. As seen in the video, the app suggests the intensity of the workout based on heart rate zones and shows these during the run.
    2. I think I already spoke a few dozen times of heart rate zones, this neat feature is needed to make banglejs a real sports watch (in line with competition), and/or to improve its fitness tracker possibilities.
      I'm globally fully supporting all apps that would provide functionnalities present in other sport watches.
  • Regarding 2. about heart rate zones:

    So adding an app or modifying an app with set intervals for different heart rate zones and the app says "take it easy!" or "work harder!" depending on in which zone you are and what zone you should be in? Or a slider showing where on the spectrum you are in that moment?

    Have you seen these apps: HeartZone, Workout HRM ?


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