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  • I'm starting this thread in the spirit of the Watchface Ideas conversation.

    • The idea is list apps you wish existed, as vague or detailed as you want.
    • Shout out someone else's idea if you think it's a cool one, giving others a sense of the demand.
    • If you start developing an idea from this thread, leave a comment saying you do but keep more development specific talk elsewhere - ideas should be spotlighted here not technicalities.
    • I don't really know too much about immaterial rights, but let's say if you publish an idea here you agree to it being implemented and uploaded to the espruino/BangleApps repository under the MIT licence.

    Maybe you have an idea you've been thinking about but don't know when you'll get to. That's the case for me!

    So here are some apps I might create in the future - but where I'd be delighted if someone else beat me to it!

    • Note taking app integrating with google keep.

    • Work logger app - press buttons automatically logging when starting/ending work and pauses with help of date/time library. Exported as csv or some other format to computer.

    • 7 minutes workout app. DONE -it's here.

    • Automatically adjusting workout planning app akin to whats tested here on "The running channel" on youtube.

      The app suggests the 'optimal' workout based on a variety of factors like sleep, previous workouts and other indicators of fitness. Warns you during workouts if you overdo it etc. If we're lucky there's a paper somewhere just waiting to be implemented. - DEVELOPMENT TALK.

    • Analog Clock Widget - the analog counterpart to Digital Clock Widget, somewhat in the style of the red back button or Close Button to launcher. - DONE, THANKS GORDON! It's here.



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