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  • @bendunc I looked back and I'm pretty sure the original cards (and in fact the current ones) say "IP67 waterproof" - while technically true (according to the manufacturer at least) I'll admit that saying "waterproof" is somewhat misleading and I've been trying to replace that with "water resistant" whenever I see it (I'll get the next batch of cards changed).

    IP67 spec does say "protected against short periods of immersion in water while under pressure between 15cm and 1m." but that's clean, cold water, and in reality when moving under water the pressure almost certainly exceeds 1m's worth. If you google 'can I bath/shower/swim with IP67' the advice is pretty clearly against it...

    I haven't gone swimming or bathing with mine but I did quickly run it under the tap after working out several times

    I honestly can't see a problem with doing that - and it could well be that the button issue in your case is unrelated...


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