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  • Thanks! That's great to hear!

    @PeerDavid I just updated settings to stop this happening in future, but if you ever get an idea what might have been breaking the settings.json in the first place I'd love to hear it (could qmsched have had an effect?)

  • Thanks a lot!
    And sure, if it happens again or if I'm able to reproduce it I will let you know :)

    qmsched is not installed on my Bangle -- this is the list of apps that I have on my Bangle in case it helps:

    health, widlock, linuxclock, lcars, agpsdata, swp2clk, ptlaunch, bwclk, weather, hrm, ha, sched, smpltmr, info, agenda, widminbt, widbata, widChargingStatus, pebble, android, neonx, 93dub, scicalc, spotrem, kbmulti, messages, aiclock, antonclk, widmsggrid, boot, slopeclock, launch, setting, widpa

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