• I think the code you have there for the temperature is fine...

    0x1D is hex for 29, which sounds like a reasonable number for temperature.

    I'm not entirely sure about the description. How are you reading it? On the whole the description isn't a very useful value as no software ever really looks at it though

  • so 3.5 questions about it :

    1. I guess I need to convert the 0x1D to 29 using some java hex to DEC function ?
    2. I'm trying to read it using nRF , as I understand from the API Reference

    3. > NRF.setServices({ 0xBCDE : {
      > 0xABCD : {
      > value : "Hello", // optional
      > description: "My Characteristic", // optional, default is null,

    I thought maybe I can write something there - but if it's no used , so never mind.

    1. what is 'heartrate' mean in the value section ?

      0x180D: { // heart_rate
      0x2A37: { // heart_rate_measurement
        notify: true,
        value : [0x06, heartrate],
      }, { advertise: [ '180D' ] });

    does it tell that the data is bpm ? - if I'm correct :
    where can I find a list of what I can put \ which values?

    can I say I'm sending temperature using

    value = [0x1d, temperature]

    then when I will read the data it will change it to C and I will see 29 ?

    3.5 what will be if I'm sending heartrate using my own UUID ?

    Thanks ,