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  • Hi @crisp, I'm sorry you've had problems with this. How long have you had your watch and where did you get it from? What kind of water damage was there? The Bangle definitely should be able to put up with a few seconds of hand washing - this sounds like a manufacturing issue to me. Maybe send me a PM or start a new thread?

    As far as the case goes, it's a tricky one. I already get complaints that the current Bangle is too expensive, but if I were to increase the quality (and hence price) it starts getting comparisons to things like the Apple Watch and then I get more unhappy customers. Ideally I'd definitely use higher quality plastics in the next one though.

    ... and yes, changing the arrangement for the SWD pins is something super high on my list. I wouldn't produce a Bangle 3 with the same arrangement as now at all :)


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