• No solutions yet, but I did narrow in on what might be causing it - it's definitely a gadgetbridge issue.

    I had my watch disconnected for over a week, and I'm 95% sure it didn't freeze that entire time. I reconnected it this morning and already had to reboot it once. Temperature doesn't seem to be a factor nor does disk space - compacting and removing apps has no apparent effect on the phenomenon.

    I forgot to enable debug logs previously but I'll just did, and I'll respond with info if I find anything promising.

    My current hypothesis is that it happens whenever too many things happen at once - specifically, whenever it's called upon to load something when a "loading" box is already on the screen. A "loading" box seems to appear 2/3s of the time it crashes. My thinking: is it possible that a notification coming in at the same time as a scheduled timer is what's causing the crash?

    Like I said... I'm 90% sure it exclusively happens whenever notifications are active.

    My branch is about 600 commits behind, though, so perhaps I should update before doing any more digging? Either way, it's a busy week for me. Not sure when I'll get around to looking into this more.


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