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  • Here's my go at a wish list :)


    • Reflective screen technology as in bangle2 is nearly a must for me both for visibility and battery consumption advantages.
    • All for larger screen and especially together with smaller bezels.
    • A little higher PPI screen and more colors would be nice but not essential for me.
    • I probably think square screens are a little smarter than round ones. I'd imagine square is a little cheaper and also easier to program and make UIs for, especially for novice programmers like me. Also for text square is good and the corners also provide some landmarks for using the device. However, I don't think it really matters too much either way.


    • Gyroscope as complement to the accelerometer would be cool. Don't have a use in mind right now but being able to get more precise spatial measurements would surely improve/make some applications more viable.
    • Improved precision for GPS and body trackers over bangle2 would be nice, also additional sensors to allow more advanced applications. Again, I don't have any in mind myself right now though.
    • I'm torn on the microphone/speakers vs. high IP-ratings debate. I don't think I have a preference going either way.


    • I absolutely want to be able to use anything other than silicone straps, I use a nylon strap with the bangle2 that I am pleased with.
    • Higher specs for CPU/RAM/Flash/Storage/Battery is always nice but I'm also quite content with what bangle2 offers. However if more storage meant we could start having e.g. a music app independent of a phone with tracks on the bangle3 that would be a neat addition.
    • Choosing what device to connect to on the bangle was a neat idea I like. Switch between paired devices, connect to new ones etc. I suspect this can be accomplished already on the bangle2 with software though? So it would just be a matter of someone doing a PR.

    Thanks for considering! :)


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