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  • My B.js3 wishlist:

    • Leave the same screen technology as Bangle.js v2 have. It's great, height of perfection!
    • Light weight, not much larger than the second model.
    • A larger screen size, because in the second version some elements feel small. Resolution can be left at the same level.
    • Slightly improve the screen in terms of color.
    • Ability to disassemble case with simple methods, with the same IP level (or higher).
    • Lack of problems with contact corrosion (possibly by adding only one charging method - Qi wireless).
    • A simple speaker.
    • Saving all sensors from the second version.
    • Buttons. On the one hand, it's nice when there are several buttons and you can control it in winter with gloves, like in the first Bangle.js model. For example, the position of the buttons can be as in Pebble watch. But on the other hand, the buttons are unreliable, they can break, which we observe in the second version of BJS. Now I try not to use the button as much as possible, waking up my BJS2 screen by tapping on the case (top right corner) + adding software control buttons. Maybe, a good engineering solution might be to completely abandon the buttons. Is it possible? Let's say an ideal tapping mechanism on the case that imitates buttons (virtual buttons) + make one button recessed into the watch case for a hard reset and flashing, so that you can only press the button with a needle.

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