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  • I have a Pico connected to a wifi module through a shim and an e-ink display, and it's all powered by 3 AA batteries. This setup wakes up every hour to fetch data and refresh the e-ink display. The code is here. Unfortunately the batteries only last about two weeks, which is a lot shorter than I expected. I've measured the power draw using a cheap multimeter, and it draws about 90mA when the wifi is active, 20mA when refreshing the e-ink display, and 0.9mA when idle. I've set it to deep sleep, I disable the wifi and power down the e-ink display, but that is still too much power consumed, IMO.

    I'm wondering if the serial connection could possibly consume some power, through pull up/down resistors? Or maybe it's the voltage regulator? Any other tips to limit power consumption?