• Hello there,

    I am creating an app to connect my bangle.js 2 to an energy measuring device.
    The connection is done via BLE.

    The problem I am facing comes with reading 'large' data.
    The maximum size I get from readValue() is 130 Bytes.

    Reading the same with e.g. the NRF Connect app I get all 438 Bytes.
    Data <130 Bytes works fine.

    Thus I am asking myself if there is any limitation on the bangle.js side.

    In general I am aware of the BLE protocol but I am missing something here.

    Normally the preferred MTU size of the energy measuring device is set to 517.
    When I change it to 23 Bytes, the bangle.js 2 only reads 22 bytes.

    If any additional information is needed, I'll provide it ASAP.
    Thanks for helping.


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