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  • Is anyone else finding that the GPS performance of the Bangle2.js is significantly worse than that of the Bangle.js? I ran this code on the Bangle2 and placed it outside on a south-facing window ledge:

    var max=0;
    var count=1;
    var max_count=1;
    Bangle.on('GPS',function(fix){console.lo­g(fix.satellites + ' satellites at ' + count + 's, max is ' + max + ' at ' + max_count +'s');if (fix.satellites>max){max=fix.satellites;­max_count=count;}count=count+1;});

    After 20 minutes it was seeing 7 satellites, a total which had been reached around 6:30 in and remained consistent from then on. I uploaded GPS data (GPS only) and ran it again; this time it had seen 11 satellites within 2 minutes although the total varied between 7 and 10 until the 20 minutes was up.

    I thought uploading the data was only supposed to decrease time to fix, but it looks like it somehow determines whether the sketchier satellites will be visible at all. For the original Bangle.js you also have a choice of how many days' worth of GPS data to upload, but for the Bangle2.js there is no indication of how long it will be valid for. All that aside, when wearing both watches at the same time and saving a GPS track, the Bangle.js invariably does a far more accurate job.


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