• I haven't used StorageFiles anywhere in my own code, but maybe an app I installed used them. And yeah, my watch definitely was running 2v12 at some point, so the theory of old corruption being revealed now makes sense too.

    The odd thing is normally the firmware would detect storage corruption when it booted and would automatically reset everything.

    How long would this typically take, and is there a message during boot when this happens? I don't remember there being a message during boot and I didn't leave it on the logo for that long before attempting to reboot. Is it possible that I interrupted the process? Or is it more likely that it just didn't happen?

    Even if I did interrupt it, there was clearly corruption left behind, so the mechanism isn't perfect.

    And what would it be resetting to? Would it be completely blank and booting to the Bangle logo, or would it look like I had just taken it out of the box?

    So hopefully it's very unlikely you'll see this again...

    That's good. I called storage.eraseAll() just in case before connecting to the app loader and reloading the apps. (I used this as an opportunity to update the firmware and apps.) The watch is now back in service.


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