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  • Thank you @Gordon, I think I understand now. I will leave the Android and iOS apps alone, make a new app that replaces messages with my own code. This means I won't break anything in the Android app, or anything in the message app, which I was a bit worried about.

    Changing the "type":"messages" sounds useful, if it can be fixed to show up in the launcher.

    So @rigrig, thanks for looking into it, but don't worry about making any changes to your smessages app on my account, since I'll be replacing it anyway.

    Sorry for causing confusion!

    As for speed, in my tests so far I have a bit of boot code that listens for a message and shows a notification. It feels instant, certainly fast enough. I think it's just avoiding launching a whole app and waiting for the 'Loading...' screen to pass that takes the time. I'll avoid tweaks that would reduce battery life, that's one of the best things about the Bangle!


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