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  • it's trivial to change this to "dependencies": {"messages":"type"},
    It looks like I'll end up having to do this anyway for @rigrig's.

    I tried that and reverted it, as it turned out to be a bit tricky: if you change messages to "type":"messages" it won't show up in app launchers anymore...

    And hopefully you won't have to anyway, my Plan now is:

    • PR for master messages/lib.js so it does the emit+custom app stuff
      (I thought about it some more, and think this wouldn't be that big a change after all, so wouldn't really cause merge problems)
    • modify my smessages to work with that, so It won't need a duplicate messages library :-)
    • @Sir_Indy could just add a boot.js to aanotifi to listen for message events, show them with a SetLCDOverlay and prevent the default app from launching.

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