• Hi - I'm afraid it looks like the filesystem has got corrupted - which would be a firmware issue. I thought we'd pretty much got this fixed now, but I did hear a report a month or so ago that might have implied that writing to a StorageFile could have caused issues in some cases.

    I'm afraid the solution is to reset the watch. Install Default Apps should do a full erase which would fix any issues. If you want to do it manually with the IDE you could just run Bangle.factoryReset().

    The odd thing is normally the firmware would detect storage corruption when it booted and would automatically reset everything.

    If bootloader is 2v12 I guess the watch was running 2v12 firmware initially, and it's possible that the 2v12 firmware had corrupted something slightly which then led to this issue later on as the Storage got full enough to hit the corrupted area.

    So hopefully it's very unlikely you'll see this again...

    Really, in order to be able to fix an issue like this I need to be able to find a way to reproduce it reliably, but that's proving very difficult...


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