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  • I'm confused, let me try and explain more what I'm trying to do.

    My use case for notifications on the Bangle is to see if it's something I need to do immediately, or if it will keep. When I hear the bing on the phone, or feel the buzz of the bangle, I can look at the Bangle, read the whole message, ideally as much text as possible without having to touch the screen. Then, I can ignore it, wait for it to time out or manually dismiss it, or if it's something I need to do something about, I go to the phone.

    I can see that the new messages app will be great, but I'd like something much, much simpler: no storage, no responses, no widget, just very fast and clear text.

    So the idea to put a switch in the Android app (and match it in the iOS app) to emit a signal, check if it's handled in a custom app, launch the Messages app if it is not handled, sounds ideal to me. As a bonus, it creates a way for anyone to make custom apps that tie into messages, or music, or calls, but the standard Messages will still load for everyone by default.

    I'll try making the changes to make the Android/ios app emit messages. If I do it correctly, it won't make any difference to anyone else. If it turns out to be a terrible idea I won't submit it to be merged, but I'd like to try.


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