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  • I guess from my point of view, quite a lot of work has gone into trying to de-duplicate code and use the messages library for Gadgetbridge and iOS, so ideally we'd keep that. Also @rigrig has some code (which I really do want to get in soon, honest!) that uses a different way of storing messages which should be a lot better.

    Sending events sounds good though... Or potentially we could do:

    if (Bangle.onNewMessage) Bangle.onNewMessage(msg);
    else load("");

    And then if something was installed that could handle messages we could defer to that. That could be a good solution that worked without causing trouble for everyone else that just had the default apps installed.

    Though now I look at the different classes of app, there is a notify class. That sounds more like what I'm making, so I will convert my notification app into a proper notification library.

    That would be great - I think right now there is only a fullscreen option for Bangle.js 2 which really isn't very good at all.


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