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    1. The screen is really frozen. It never changes and the backlight is off.
    2. Pressing the button does not change anything. No matter how long I press it.
    3. I tried connecting from my android phone but my mobile does not detect the watch. Only a progress spinner is shown when I click on connect.
    4. When my son received the watch, he was using it to measure his heart rate. He later changed the theme to a black background and also charged the clock for an hour or so. After some time, it froze. He tried to press the screen and button afterwards. But nothing changed since then. I did not observe him the whole time but the clock looks perfect. I also asked him if he fell on it or so but he did not.

    We will wait until the screen turns black and try to charge it, then.

    Gordon: No worries, things like that happen. Enjoy your holidays! We bought it from berrybase as we live in Germany. We can return it there in case it is broken...

    Thanks all for your kind help!


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