• So the Pedometer Widget (v0.22) is an early version of a Pedometer type widget that relied on counting step events sent through Bangle.onStep(). This was a year or so before Bangle.getHealthStatus("day").steps was available, which counts the steps internally in the firmware. 'Pedometer Widget (v0.22)' will drop steps if for example you flick to the menus to change apps etc. If you were to run that widget with say 'Lato Pedometer' you will see that the step count is slightly higher in the 'Lato' or 'Simple' versions as it is not missing counts.

    If you look at the code you will find that 'Lato/Simple Pedometer' are very simple where as 'Pedometer Widget' is a lot of code, partly because of handling different options and partly to correctly handle being re-started and resetting the count to zero around midnight.

    Glad you like 'Lato Pedometer'. Its my favourite too and part of my preferred setup.
    Thats why I wrote it :)


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