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  • Hi,
    a couple months ago, my son has developed the wish to buy a fitness tracker. As I don't like the concept of closed tracking devices I told him about Bangle.js 2 and he was fascinated. Since then, he was saving money and was finally able to order the watch a couple days ago. When he saw the parcel deliverer, he ran straight to him and was very happy. He unpacked it immediately and proudly started exploring his new smartwatch... :-)

    Unfortunately, the watch froze on the first day and I couldn't help him yet. It always shows the screen I attached. I tried to reset but it did not work. I also measured the current between the middle pins and it is 3.3V. Current between outer pins is 11.3mV.

    I tried to connect it to my phone but that also failed.

    Any ideas on how to proceed?


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