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  • Whoops, I fixed (another) "loading..." bug yesterday, but neglected to mention it here, sorry about that.
    ...and I just noticed that it's still broken for touching the widget :-(

    The yellow exclamation ring is what you now get for apps which don't have an icon yet. (I don't suppose you have the message srcs so we can add them?)

    I decided I didn't like the widgetbar filling up with icons, so instead you get a grid with icons (1 per app, scaled down so they all fit) and the total number of messages.
    So that should mean you got 1 message each from two different apps?

    Thanks for testing!

  • Cool ideas with the widget!

    Yes, one message each from two apps. One message was from a radio app and the other from KDE Connect.

    I don't really know about src's or how to get them :P


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