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  • Ok, should be fixed now, and I added some images

  • Everything seems to work. Groovy! Thanks! :)

  • Found a bug! ;)

    1. Just received message(s) to my Bangle. When the message is received a yellow ring with an exclamation mark appears in the widget field and the "Loading"-box appears as well. And then it's stuck there.
    2. Long press physical button to load the clock works and after that I have two smaller rings with exclamation marks flashing yellow/black as well as a "2" encircled by black.
    3. When I then press the widget the Bangle is once again stuck with a "Loading"-box, and the exclamation mark rings are solid yellow.
    4. Long press the physical button again brings back the clock and the widget starts flashing yellow/black again.
    5. When I open the Scrolling Messages app via "Quick Launch"-app two new messages are there and I can read them as expected.

    I use BW Clock, Quick Launch, Calibration, Android Integration, Scrolling Messages and more. Bangle.js 2 Firmware 2v15


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