• Hi everyone,

    i am currently getting a null pointer exception when i try to send an http request through the gadgetbridge.
    The code im using looks like this

            E.showMessage('got ');
          }).catch((err) => {
          E.showMessage('err' + err.toString());

    and the exception(which is being printed on the second "showMessage" command) i getting is

    com.android.volley.VolleyError: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method 'java.util.Set java.util.Map.keySet()' on a null object reference

    Im using the android and version 0.68.0b-bangles Commit 9da7fef3e of the Bangle.js Gadgetbridge app. On the Banglejs itself runs the Android Integration App v 0.15 and the watch is connected to the Gadgetbridge app. The permission to use the internet is granted.

    Do you have an idea how to fix this?


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