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  • Whoops, I broke that in the metadata, should be ok(ish) now.

    Having two message apps is a bit of a problem:

    • android,ios and messagesmusic declare "dependencies": {"messages":"app"}
    • I think that even means updating those will (re)install messages
    • (Didn't test this, but I think) uninstalling messages while keeping smessages erases all your messages. (or at least it will once it also uses a StorageFile)
    • We can't change the apps/dependencies to "type":"messages", because then it won't show up in the launcher
    • The dependency can't be reversed, because you need to choose between android and ios

    I think ideally we would want to keep the dependencies, or people will go "I installed the android app, and it doesn't do anything", but maybe we should settle for putting a big "You also need to install a messages app" in the android/ios README?
    Alternatively, I guess we could complicate the dependency system, so e.g. android could declare "dependencies": {"messages|smessages":"app"}...

  • Many things to consider I see ;)

    I tested it again, new report :)

    • It shows up now without having to install original messages app first.
    • The shortcut to the settings page seems to be linked to original messages. If I install only smessages a blank screen appears upon pressing it. If I install messages first and then smessages, settings page for original messages is loaded instead.
    • As I saw you mention in PR#1498 now Messages Music doesn't seem to work. However, I think it did before you did the latest fixes today (again, I had first installed messages and then smessages)? Which seems weird since you mentioned breaking it a month ago?
    • The left and right music screen buttons have question marks on them on my Bangle.js 2. (I have seen a similar question mark in my widgets before and I think that was either the messages or smessages widget)

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