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  • From my point of view, this forum seems 'good enough' - I'm not sure there'd be a great benefit from moving to Discourse?

    @Serj I'm not sure it's a huge deal to create a GitHub account? After all, you kind-of have to create an account for any forum, and the chance of a Bangle.js user having a GitHub account is reasonably high I'd imagine.

    Interesting about the GitHub 'hints' - I can see it being good in a way (it helps with the whole issue I have where problems get reported once on github and once on the forum, often by the same user).

    Personally I really like the idea of GitHub, but it seems to me there's enough negativity here that it's not really worth me spending the considerable amount of time it'd take to port the contents of the forum over, just to annoy half my users :)


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