• Well,

    as someone who "runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds", I came in contact with many discussion forums in the past few months. My personal conclusion - from a user's point of view(!):

    • this forum is not that bad - in fact, its among those I like most: it is not crowded with icons and colors, provides a good hierarchical overview of topics, let's readers search for what they need and offers enough "gamification" options to keep post authors in line
    • I hate "discord" (which may be good for real-time chatting, but serves badly as a searchable forum) and avoids it whenever possible
    • I also don't like GitHub discussions, as GitHub injects technical hints and reports (such as "this issue was mentioned by ..." including badges with the state of their own issue) which may be good for developing in a team, but is just disturbing in a forum. Not mentioning the detail, that it is not shown, if a later post is a direct answer of an earlier one. And that it informs me about any changes in any thread I ever posted in - diluting the relevance of the notification badge which informs me about new issues in my own repositories. I'm working with GitHub almost every day - but I always try to avoid GitHub discussions...

    On the other hand, "discourse" looks like a noteworthy alternative as it provides a clear user interface not unlike this forum.

    With greetings from Germany,

    Andreas Rozek