• Thanks for checking - that's what I expected though. The amount sent out without a membrane at first was very small, and we may even have spotted all of them before they went out.

    While I guess the button could be less well sealed than it should be, the docs do specifically say no swimming and I think it's unlikely it'd have failed in normal use. So I don't think it's reasonable for me to replace a water-damaged Bangle at my cost, however I also don't want to benefit from your misfortune and I'm happy to offer a discount as @rullen suggested.

    If you do want to get a new one, I could offer 40% off the price. Just let me know and I'll send you a discount code for the shop via a PM.

  • I totally missed the "no swimming" part, but I may have read the docs too briefly... I would be happy to get the discount code, so please PM me. Thank you @Gordon!


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