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  • That looks really good. Can you use the stored forecast to look up what the weather will be in the future?

  • Thanks! Yeah, that's in my plans. Maybe swipe in different directions to see different data views? Though this won't be in my initial release, I want to get the basic functionality out first, what is seen in the screenshot.

    I'm still working on some issues. Primarily related to high memory usage (to store the weather data in RAM as I only want to write when the clock exits to save on flash wear), and the large transfers for the OpenWeatherMap API sometimes cause issues.

    The available free OpenWeatherMap APIs are a little problematic for the watch if you want a proper hourly forecast. See, either you use the "One Call 3.0" API which gives you everything in one go, which is rough on the memory-constrained watch, or you can use their free-tier "proffesional" API, which lets you limit the number of data points you receive, but only gives weather in 3 hour increments (compared to the 1 hour increments in the 3.0 api).

    I think I can improve the memory situation somewhat, though it's still going to use quite a significant amount of memory (I doubt bangle.js 1 will be able to store the forecast).


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