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  • Great - glad yours is ok @user141569 - if the battery is running down quick when it's wet, definitely don't recharge it until you're sure it's dry again.

    But sorry @user147840 - this sounds a lot like water damage to me. Definitely try and put it somewhere warm for a few days (without charging it more) and you might be lucky and it'll sort itself out.

    I'd normally be back to you a lot quicker but I'm afraid I wasn't in the office at the end of last week.

  • Thanks for your reply and don't worry about not being quicker. As @user141569 said, you were still much faster than most other companies' customer service!
    I will wait until early next week and try again. But in the meantime I'm afraid I'm out of luck, because I already tried to charge the Bangle a few days ago before I went onto the forum and it still didn't work. :(
    Then I'll have to try to acquire a new one soon.


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