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  • Great - glad yours is ok @user141569 - if the battery is running down quick when it's wet, definitely don't recharge it until you're sure it's dry again.

    But sorry @user147840 - this sounds a lot like water damage to me. Definitely try and put it somewhere warm for a few days (without charging it more) and you might be lucky and it'll sort itself out.

    I'd normally be back to you a lot quicker but I'm afraid I wasn't in the office at the end of last week.

  • I'm also glad mine is OK. Well, the battery did run down quickly while the watch was bootlooping, but that was probably because of the backlight being on and the CPU being active for several hours straight. Probably about 80% when it started and 30% when it ended a few hours later. Battery life has been normal ever since. So I'm guessing we have no short circuits anywhere.

    And don't worry, even with the slight delay, the customer service is probably still the best I've ever experienced.


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