• Hi, sorry to hear there have been so many problems - and thanks for being so understanding about it.

    I guess the recent set of water related problems might have a lot to do with the heatwave in Europe at the moment, and just a higher number of people jumping into pools?

    I believe a very small number of the first batch of KickStarter watches may not have a waterproof membrane in (you can look down the hole under the watch strap at the top and see if there's a white visible at the bottom) and if yours was one of those then I'll replace it as there was definitely an issue there.

    However since then they should have all had the membrane. I've tried to be pretty clear about no swimming, but I'll update the docs to remove the mention of 1m 30 minutes as I think that definitely gives the wrong impression.

  • Your theory about the heat wave in Europe makes a lot of sense. Far more than my software update idea. I'm not in Europe (not sure what % of people are vs around the worlf), but I guess coincidentally the heat wave there happened during a family vacation to a lake, where the temptation to swim is strong.

    My watch was bought from the Espruino shop (not Kickstarter) and appears to have the membrane. I think I blame the button.


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