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  • Is it possible that you're just seeing that screen because you are always rebooting Bangle.js by holding the button down all the way through the bootloader? Inadvertently following the instructions linked above?

    If you hold the button down and then release as soon as the screen changes, the bootloader should go straight through to Bangle.js. If it says DFU START, BTN1 = REBOOT press the button down for about 2 seconds and it should jump right out again (or you can just wait for ~30 seconds to be on the safe side).

    But if not, the issue will be that somehow the JavaScript bootloader code on the Bangle got removed from storage. To fix that, just go to, More... then Install Default apps.

    You could also give Reinstall apps a try (ensuring the bootloader app is actually installed) first as that may be able to bring it back to life while keeping all your own apps and settings if somehow just the bootloader code got removed.


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