• I am also experiencing that issue now. My unit has probably been in the water for about 10 minutes at a time at most, and definitely never reached a meter deep. I did technically swim, though it was slow and I was using my legs because I thought that would be sufficient to protect the Bangle. (My Pinetime which is also IP67 survived doing that every day for about 2 weeks.)

    Is it likely that my watch was defective and should not have been harmed, or is it likely that my watch isn't defective and I subjected it to something that it was not designed to handle? If it's the former I'll try to keep it away from water completely in the future (because it's still my favorite watch), and if it's the latter I'll treat it normally but just won't do that again.

    It seems a bit weird to me that the poster of this thread had this issue at almost the exact same time as me, along with this person who has bootlooping but never mentioned water. My first thought is to blame the 2v14 update, but that doesn't seem likely either because an interpreter update shouldn't affect the sensitivity of the MCU to pin state changes, especially in the bootloader. Maybe it's just a coincidence.


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