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  • OK so I made another test with range and unfortunately cannot see any difference when compared to normal mode.

    I've put nrf52840 dongle on the table on the terrace then connected webide relay from notebook inside to the dongle (over BLE) and then entered relay code on the phone in the browser so I could see dongle console over phone data connection. Then I started nearby app on the watch and waited for fix and scan output from the dongle showing watch and its rssi. Then I went outside with the watch and phone. I already lost it on the scan while goin down the stairs inside house but when I got outside and walked around house to be near the terrace I got the device in scan again, then I went a little bit over 50m away which was furthest when I still mostly saw the device in the scan output, lowest rssi value was -97.

    Surprise was that when I disconnected IDE over relay at that point I could not reconnect (relay is probably one time only connection) so I searched for BLE devices and I saw the dongle and could connect to it from phone over BLE (still same place, over 50 meters away). Then I again saw scan output and went back home. I lost the dongle BLE connection in about same place where I saw watch in scan output when I went outside. So it looks like normal BLE connection from phone to dongle over BLE has about the same range as dongle scan for watch via coded phy. the terrace is higher and has wall around it so those 50 meters was not direct line of sight but with this one wall in between (pretty thin one, no bricks or concrete).


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